Interactive Voice Response

The Xarios Technologies interactive voice response (IVR) framework provides a platform for both ‘shrink wrap’ and bespoke IVR’s applications to be deployed.

IVR applications are generally developed to stream line and automate repetitive tasks usually provided by existing staff members.

IVR applications are widely varied however some frequently encountered applications would include:

  • Account balances
    • Please enter your account details
  • Delivery tracking
    • Please enter your order number
  • Call queue management
    • Your call is in a queue, to get us to call you back later dial 5
  • Compliance applications
    • Delivering terms and conditions of the transaction
  • Call routing self-service
    • For customer service dial 3 etc.
  • Post call surveys
    • Managing and measuring the customer service experience.

Seldom are IVR applications identical as most organizations will need their application to tightly fit their own environment. The Xarios technologies professional services team have experience of designing, developing and deploying bespoke IVR applications for a wide range of customers in a diverse selection of industries. Contact the professional services team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Outlined below are some of the most popular IVR applications – these can be tailored to meet each customer’s exact needs

Queue Manager

Rather than leaving your customers sitting in a queue- why not give them the option of receiving a call back when it is their turn to be answered?

The IVR asks the customer to state their name and to confirm the number they wished to be called back on (they can also optionally leave a short message), the call retains it’s place in the queue and when it is their turn to get a call back the agent can listen to the message before the call is made. Using complementary software applications also from Xarios Technologies this application can integrate with most leading CRM packages, additionally calls can be recorded and quality scored for training and auditing purposes.

Compliance Manager

In many environments today where purchases or transactions are undertaken over the phone, the supplying organization has to ensure that the terms and conditions of the transaction are clearly stated to the buyer. Compliance manager does this, it plays a pre-recorded message to the client and gives the option of transferring the call back to the agent when the compliance message has been played.

Custom IVR applications

If you requirement is not outlined in one of the applications shown above then call the professional services team for a discussion – they  can scope, design, build and install a custom IVR application based on a particular set of circumstances.