6900 Series Handsets

MiVoice Office Application Suite v5.1

Mitel 6900 Series Handsets

The 6900 series phones are Mitel’s range of premium IP phones. MiVoice Office Application Suite includes specific features to support these handsets on the MiVoice Office 250 platform. And reflect a lot of the features you would find on Phone Manager Desktop.


Features & Benefits

Premium Color Display

6900 series phones are Mitel’s premium IP phone range. Each phone provides a color LCD screen with self-labeling softkeys. There are 3 handset models and a programmable key module available:

Each phone can support up to 3 PKMs.

Phone Manager Directories

Users can search personal and server directories through the phone at the same time as searching intercom & speed dials.

User BLF Keys

In addition to the normal extension, hunt group and trunk BLF softkeys, a User BLF key shows a user’s avatar and provides visibility of a user’s status across all their extensions, even showing status of calls to external personal routing (DEE) numbers.

Presence Profiles

The Presence Profile softkey displays the user’s currently chosen profile and allows them to switch between profiles without loading Phone Manager.

Custom Background / Screensavers

6900 phone backgrounds and screensavers can be customized with reseller or customer corporate images/messaging.

Integrated DECT Headset

6900 phones support an optional fully integrated DECT wireless headset for up to 100 meters of personal area mobility.

Multi-Node Hot Desking

The new SIP Hot Desking feature allows users to hot desk into phones that are connected to other nodes, re-homing the phone back to the user’s own node.


On internal calls, avatars are shown in the call information area on the phone and on 6940 phones, the user’s own avatar is visible on the idle screen.

User Call History

The built-in call history shows calls made by the user on any of their devices on the phone system, including OfficeLink calls, not just those calls made from the local phones. Missed call alerts are synchronized between 6900, Phone Manager Desktop & Mobile.

Mobile / Bluetooth Connectivity

On the 6930/40 models, Bluetooth is available which provides access to supported headsets/speakers for call audio. It also enables answering of mobile calls directly from the phone and searching of mobile contacts from the phone’s directory.

Other New Features Including...