Advanced Applications

MiVoice Office Application Suite – Advanced Applications

Tailor your Customer Service strategies further with MiVO Application Suite Advanced Applications

The following server based features of the MiVoice Office Application Suite solution provide specific enhancements to your MiVoice Office 250 implementation.

Call Routing - Database Lookup

Call routing provides a way to automatically route calls based on a database lookup using the caller ID and/or DID of the call. This allows customer to be routed directly to the correct department or to a user who is already handling their account.

If integrated to an accounts database, callers can automatically be routed to the accounts department if their account is overdue.

Call routing can be used to query any ODBC compliant database to route calls internally or to an external number.

Call Routing – Hunt Group Overflow

The Call Routing feature can also be used to manage busy hunt groups and automatically route queuing calls to an overflow destination as soon as all agents are busy or when a certain queue length is reached. This means callers no longer have to wait for the recall timer to expire.

(CPN) Calling Party Number Substitution

Designed for multi-location installations, CPN substitution enables a business to present a calling party number local to the number being dialed. This allows a local branch office number to be presented no matter where the call is made from within an organization.

Alarm Notifications

To maximize system uptime and make the right people aware when something is wrong, Communication Service provides real-time updates on phone system alarms via email or modal pop-ups to Team Leader users. So, when an emergency call is made or when a trunk line fails, immediate action can be taken.

Directory Import

Communication Service provides data links to any ODBC or OLEDB compliant database so that customer and contact data can be imported directly into the system.

This is key to providing Mitel Phone Manager users with up to date information on clients in real-time. When linked with call banner profiles, users get notification of a caller’s status before the call is answered. Users can search for and dial customers dynamically using the directory lookup feature.

Group Mailbox Notification

In normal operation, the MiVoice Office 250 will notify a single device about outstanding voicemail messages. Communication Service builds on this functionality to notify multiple devices based on hunt group membership. This means every member of a Sales or Support group for example can get notification of customer messages as a group as soon as the message is left.

If you would like more information on these applications or would like to implement one, please speak to your Xarios Technologies account manager.