Call Analytics

All businesses communicate with customers over the phone, whether in a formal contact center environment or an office environment. Our call analytics software provides the tools to analyze customer experience and monitor staff, in real-time using live call and status views or over longer time periods using our reporting packages. Analyzing call traffic and service levels provides valuable insights into how and when your customers are communicating, making it easier to spot trends and improve performance by making evidence-based decisions.

Call and Status Reporting

Our reporting software models all telephone calls throughout an organization (including internal calls), storing detailed information about where calls have been and how quickly they were answered/handled. Our preconfigured reports can be used to analyze line usage, user performance, service levels or custom reports can be created using the 100s of statistic available. Reports can be accessed by anyone in the business or emailed out using our advanced scheduling.

Real-Time Wallboard

Clearly display performance data for all users to see. Live wallboards are completely customizable with system, group or user statistics – each individually filterable to show exactly the data required. Show progress against targets to drive performance or use alarms to help identify potential service affecting situations.

Supervisor Dashboard

Supervisor dashboard takes contact center management to a new level. Live views of agent and queue status with individually configurable alarms allow supervisors to take control of their teams. Move calls between queues based on traffic or bring agents online (or out of wrap/do-not-disturb) to take calls in busy periods. Access through any supported browser to maintain control wherever you are.