Call Analytics

Dimensions Call Analytics

All businesses communicate with customers over the phone, whether in a formal contact center or office environment. Our call analytics software provides the tools to analyze customer experience and monitor staff.

This can be done in real-time using live call and status views or using historical reports. Analyzing call traffic and service levels provides valuable insights into how and when your customers are communicating, making it easier to spot trends and improve performance with informed decision making.

Dimensions Call Reporting

Our reporting software models all telephone calls throughout an organization (including internal calls), storing detailed information about where calls have been and how quickly they were answered.

Our pre-configured reports can be used to analyze line usage, user performance and service levels, or customize reports based on 100s of available statistics and filters. Reports can be accessed by anyone in the business or emailed out on a pre-scheduled basis.

Dimensions Dashboard for Supervisors

Dashboards provide supervisors with call and user information, including real time operational data. They are completely configurable and can be filtered to focus on key performance indicators.

By being able to visualize call data, supervisors are abe to better manage their resources. Dashboards can be customized with images and videos to make it quick and easy to monitor operations. If needed, Dashboards can be used to monitor agent & queue performance, and track user availability such as Do-Not-Disturb.