MiVoice Office Application Suite v5.1

MiVoice Office Call Reporter Real-Time

Supervisor Dashboard

Designed for managers or supervisors to oversee with granularity what their agents are doing in real time.

All of the features of the Real-Time Wallboard
and much much more...

Switch between multiple views

Dashboard users can create multiple views with a customizable collection of tiles. Each view can be used to monitor a different area or aspect of the business. Create a different 'view' to monitor the dashboard from your mobile when on the move, on your tablet or desktop.

Grid Tiles *

Grid tiles allow you to simultaniously view the status' of all the agents, or in specific hunt groups on your system.

Grid tiles provide status and summarized information about different devices on the telephone system. Grids are available to display the status of extensions, agents*, trunks and calls on the system.

This also allows a manager or supervisor direct control over the agents, you can change DND status', log agents in or out, call them and enter/exit wrap-up states.

* Requires ACD reporter licenses

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Multi-Stat Tiles

Multi-stat tiles can be used to display many pieces of information in the same window. Stats can be displayed in a list, cycled through or in a primary/secondary statistic format.