Desktop Unified Communication

Phone Manager is an indispensable unified communications tool that simplifies control of calls and provides easy communication with colleagues. Availability, call history, chat, directory access, CRM integration and more - this easy to use application provides many features, all designed to improve productivity and give users complete control over how and when they are contactable. Phone Manager also has a built-in softphone so that employees can communicate wherever they are.

Presence & Availability

With a simple profile change, users can control when they are available and select which numbers they can be reached on. Each profile can be configured individually to make sure users are always contactable or placed in do-not-disturb if they are in a meeting. Optional status messages allow users to leave information on what they are doing and when they can be contacted.

CRM Integration

Improve the customer experience by optimizing the time spent talking with clients. Phone Manager integrates with a range of CRM solutions to make users more productive and to populate CRM systems with contact data. Some of the integrations provided include:

  • Screen Popping – Automatically load a client’s CRM contact by phone number or reference number
  • Call History – Keep track of every time you speak to a client within your CRM system
  • Recording Playback – Add call recording playback hyperlinks directly into you CRM package
  • Dialing – Reduce mis-dials and initiate dialing from within the CRM contact record

Contact Centre Working

Minimize training and maximize productivity with Phone Manager’s contact center features. Users shouldn’t have to remember agent Ids, login codes or queue numbers. A simple drop-down within the application allows users to login to queues, then control their do-not-disturb or wrap status without touching the phone. Use account codes to categorize calls and improve reports to motivate staff by showing their individual performance on the personal wallboard.

Improved Home Working

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular but it is vital to stay connected with clients and colleagues when you do. Phone Manager provides a range of features to makes sure remote staff are easily contactable and their status is visible. An integrated softphone allows remote users to take internal and customer calls, just like they would in the office. Their status and availability can be easily seen throughout the organization and directory access makes keeping in touch straight forward.

Kuando Busylight Support

Kuando Busylight Support

Phone Manager now supports the Kuando Busylight to provide clear status information to colleagues. This plug & play accessory is supported in Professional & Team Leader versions of Phone Manager, providing a clear indication of user or agent status.

For information on where to purchase Busylight hardware, visit


Call History with Playback

Get complete visibility of all your calls, no matter which of your extensions you made them on. Search for a specific number or even playback calls from your history when combined with our call recording solution.

Personal Wallboard

Provide agents with real-time updates of their performance with the integrated personal wallboard. Users can see how close they are to target or can be notified when calls are queuing on hunt groups, so they can take action to prevent lost calls.

Calling Party Number Control

Control the calling party number presented for each call made when calling on behalf of clients or different brands. Phone Manager allows users to choose a caller id to present or select from a predefined list on their assigned toolbar.

Presence Profiles

Control when you are available to take calls and which phone numbers you can be contacted on with a simple profile selection. All profiles can be individually configured to each user’s needs.

Highlight & Dial / Tel URIs

Make telephone calls quickly and without mis-dialing using the ‘Highlight and Dial’ feature. Phone Manager also handles ‘tel://’ and ‘callto://’ URIs to make dialing from web pages a single click!

TAPI & API Support

Make call using TAPI on supported applications or use Phone Manager’s extensive APIs to integrate almost any telephony feature with in-house applications.

Integrated Softphone

Phone Manager can switch seamlessly between controlling your phone in the office to becoming your softphone while at home or out of the office. Allowing you to stay in touch with clients or colleagues.


Access corporate and personal directories and even linked CRM systems. Phone Manager provides quick one touch dialing and uses the directories to show who is calling.

Instant Messaging

Stay in constant contact with other uses with the built-in chat feature. Users can chat with any Phone Manager or Phone Manager Mobile user

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