IVR 2.0

Interactive Voice Response 2.0

The purpose of the IVR application is to offer a sophisticated self-service environment that automates repetitive telephony activities in a way that improves the customer experience whilst delivering a tangible ROI and improving staff deployment and efficiency.

Historically IVR deployments were the reserve of large complex contact centres and enterprise environments – Xarios Technologies brings this functionality to the SMB in a package that is both flexible and cost effective.

The application consists of building blocks that can be added in a way that addresses the changing and evolving needs of the business. The IVR Framework Starter Pack can accommodate additional channel licences and applications both from the ‘pre-packaged‘ range and also ‘custom build’ applications. Contact your Xarios account manager for further details.

Pre-Packaged IVR Applications

Queue Minder

“Your call is in a queue, however if you would like us to call you back when you reach the front of the queue press 1 now…”

Queue Minder enables your caller to be contacted when they are in a position to have a customer service agent available to take the call rather than waiting in a queue. Great for improving the customer experience and great for reducing the number of lost calls into your organisation.

Post Call Survey

Identify and report on your customer satisfaction levels with the Xarios Technologies Post Call Survey! At the end of your customer interaction simply transfer the caller to the Post Call Survey IVR – a series of questions can be input into the application and customers asked to rate their service on a scale of 1-5.

Database IVR

“Thanks you for calling our service support desk, please enter your account number.”

The call is then routed to the appropriate customer service agent – dependent upon the other applications in use, the customer details can be ‘popped’ on to the agents screen prior to the call being answered.

Agent Routing

When a customer has an existing relationship with a customer service agent or user on the system, the Agent Routing application can route an inbound call to the correct agent automatically. The IVR will prompt the caller for the agent Id of the person handling their request. If they are logged in and available, the call will be routed straight to that agent.


Many organisations today need to ensure that customers who have made a purchase or completed a transaction over the phone are informed of the terms and conditions of sale and their rights post purchase. This IVR application enables the agent to transfer the caller to the IVR application to hear the relevant message – leaving the agent free to receive the next call.

Custom Build IVR

If you have specific requirements for your IVR, please let us know what you need and one of our professionals will be in touch do discuss your available options.