Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions offer a sophisticated self-service environment, automating repetitive telephony activities in a way that improves the customer experience and delivers a tangible return on investment. By handling common requests automatically, capacity to handle customers is increased, reducing wait times and freeing up employee’s time to handle more complex issues.

Historically, IVR deployments were the reserve of large complex contact centers and enterprise environments – Xarios Technologies brings this functionality to the SMB, in a package that is both flexible and cost effective.

IVR solutions can be implemented in one of two ways; using one of our off-the-shelf applications or with a fully customized solution, tailored exactly to your requirements. IVR solutions can be virtualized and scaled to meet any requirements.

Supported Systems

Xarios can provide solutions for any communications platform that supports SIP extensions or SIP trunking. Once a call has been passed to the IVR, customer requests are handled automatically. When complete, the call can be cleared or transferred to another area of the business if customers have further requirements.

Q-Minder (Call-back in Queue)

Q-Minder improves customer experience and can help to reduce the number of lost calls. Inbound callers are provided with the ability to request a call-back instead of waiting for an agent to become available. Once a call-back is requested, the caller can simply hang-up and leave the IVR to queue on their behalf. When an agent is available, they are automatically put through to the customer. Callers can leave an alternative number to be contacted on and a voice message if required for the agent to provide information about the subject of their call.

Post Call Survey

Identify and report on your customer satisfaction levels with the post call survey IVR! At the end of your customer interaction, simply transfer the caller to a customizable survey offering a series of questions that allow customers to rate their experience. The number of questions and possible responses are all configurable and different surveys can be set up for different types of customer interaction.

Customer Verification IVR

Automate the task of identifying and verifying your customers before they speak to an agent, saving time and improving customer experience. Once a customer has been identified, they can be routed as normal or diverted to an alternate location in special circumstances, such as VIP customers or overdue accounts.

When coupled with one of our CRM screen-pop integrations, customer account details can be used to automatically load the required records, ensuring the agent has all the necessary information they need to handle you clients’ requests.

Custom Solutions

Xarios provides professional services to implement solutions to meet any customer requirements. This includes integrating with a customer’s existing in-house systems for record lookup, caller verification, transaction logging and more.

From initial design, to implementation and then deployment, a Xarios specialist will help manage your custom project to ensure it meets the exact requirements. Once deployed, our support team are on hand to answer any questions and to ensure maximum uptime.

Here are some examples of the types of solutions we have implemented for our customers:

For more information on the IVR solutions available or speak to us about a custom IVR, please contact us for more information.

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