Mobile Unified Communication

Phone Manager Mobile provides access to the core UC features of Phone Manager, directly from your iOS or Android phone. Through the familiar interface, users can change/set their availability, chat with colleagues and access their call history and directories. Phone Manager Mobile has a built-in softphone to for making internal calls and provides access to make calls from your office line to ensure you present the same number to clients, wherever you call from.

Keep in Contact on the Move

Its important to stay in contact with colleagues and clients, no matter where you are. Phone Manager Mobile provides the tools to make sure you are always available and have access to the contacts you need while out of the office.

Contacts / Directory Access

Phone Manager Mobile provides access to server, personal and mobile contacts all from one simple to use interface. Calls can be made to contacts using the cellular network, softphone or via a phone at the office to protect your personal mobile number.

Update Availability

Make sure your co-workers always know where you are and how they can get hold of you. Profiles such as ‘In a Meeting’ or ‘Working from Home’ not only show people what you are up to but also control which of your phones you can be contacted on. Do-not-disturb status can be controlled and availability in non-ACD hunt groups. Temporary messages can be used to provide availability updates and all profiles can be individually customized by users.

Make Internal Calls

Having an internal softphone extension on your mobile means you never miss a call, whether you are out of the office or just away from your desk. Your softphone can be added to hunt group the same way as your desk phone and can receive direct calls, so you are always available to clients. If you are on a softphone call when you get back to your desk, use the handoff feature to pass the call back to your desk phone to continue the conversation.


Present Your Office Number

Make calls through the office and present your normal phone number so that your clients know who is calling and ensuring your personal mobile number is protected.

Directory Access

Lookup clients and internal contacts from the server or personal directories. Phone Manager Mobile also searches your mobile contacts so that all your contacts are accessible in one place.


Make and receive calls on an internal extension using the built-in softphone. This includes taking non-ACD hunt group calls.

Call History

Access your personal call history which shows the calls you make on any of your devices, not just calls from your mobile application.


Continue chat conversations when you leave the office or start new ones with other users. Chat allows you to keep in contact with your team without having to take the time to call.

Presence Control

Change your availability or update your status with a custom message so that your colleagues always know how to contact you.

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