Outbound Dialling

Phone Manager Outbound is an automated dialing solution which is designed to improve the productivity of any outbound operation within an organisation, from chasing outstanding payments, reminding clients of appointment times or fulltime outbound telesales campaigns. This software only solution takes the stress out of making calls to clients by automating the dialing process for the user and managing call-backs and results. Calls are made directly from the user’s phone, avoiding any mis-dials and ensuring the best customer experience by always having someone for the client to talke to when the call is answered.

Outbound Sales Campaigns

Manage an outbound sales team and automate dialing using your existing phone system hardware. Automating outbound dialing vastly improves productivity by enforcing wrap-up times, eliminating mis-dials, automatically handling call-backs. User experience is improved because the decision about who to call and when are made for them, leaving them to concentrate fully on customer experience and hitting targets. Centralised tools for managing data and tracking call outcomes allow campaign/user performance to be evaluated and improved.

Payment / Appointment
Reminder Calls

Progressive dialing can be used to automate even the smallest of regular outbound calling requirements. Whether it is a daily check to make sure clients are have remembered their appointment or weekly chasing of late payments – Phone Manager Outbound can be used to speed up the process, taking the decision out of who to call, managing call-backs automatically and enabling the process to be completed quickly so staff can get back to their day jobs.

Preview Dialling

When calling clients where background information is needed or a history of previous interactions is essential, automated dialing may not seem like a practical option. With preview dialing, the user is given a time to familiarise themselves with a client before the call is made automatically from their phone. This process simplifies the dialing process for users, eliminates mis-dials but also makes it easy to manage user performance and track how much time users are spending with each of their tasks. The preview time is configurable on a campaign by campaign basis depending on requirements and can be extended by a user if they feel they need more time on a specific call.

Keep Users Busy by Blending Incoming & Outgoing Calls

Employee costs are the primary cost in any business and getting the most out of your staff is high priority. By making outbound calls to clients during quiet periods, staff can be kept busy either calling back missed calls or checking on existing clients to make sure they are happy. This maximises the use of staff resource and also improves client relationships and provides extra opportunity for revenue generation.


Run Multiple Campaigns

Have users work on different datasets and switch them around instantly depending on performance or data availability.

Disposition Codes & Contact Strategy

Disposition codes (result codes) are used to categorise calls and track progress. They control what wrap time a user receives after a call and how and when a contact should be called again.

Preview Mode

Sometimes users need time to prepare for a call, either to read previous call notes or to familiarise themselves with a client. Preview mode shows the user who they will be calling and gives them the time they need before the call is made.

Outbound Wrap-up

Depending on the result of a call, users can be given a relevant amount of wrap up time to complete any tasks. If require, users can extend this by choosing a do-not-disturb codes. Both wrap up and do-not-disturb states can be reported on to ensure correct usage.

Integrated Screen Pop

Users can be presented with a built-in contact screen or a screen pop of a supported CRM or in-house software package can be configured so that they can update contact records while they are on the call.

Real-Time & Historical Reporting

Real-time updates of campaigns progress is available through the management UI and a range of historical reports can be used to evaluate campaign and user performance. Phone Manager Outbound calls and disposition codes are also tracked by the Call Analytics solution and can be reported on with all the other calls on the phone system.

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