Queue Minder IVR

In an ideal world every customers’ call would be answered immediately - but in reality, all businesses will have times of the day when there are more calls than can be handled, resulting in customers having to wait..

Q-Minder greatly improves your customer’s experience by offering inbound callers the option of being called back when someone is available to help them. Your customers can get on with their day while Q-Minder waits on their behalf. As soon as an agent is available to handle the customer’s request, the system will automatically dial your customer and connect the call.

How it works?

The call will then be placed in a queue with other callbacks and will wait for a user to become available on the telephone system. Once a Q-Minder callback is answered by a user, they will be played the customer’s message and then will be transferred out to call the customer back.

Once a customer has requested a callback, Q-Minder makes sure it has a number to call them back on and can optionally take a message to provide the staff member who will call them back with some context for the call.

Customize the system

Q-Minder is completely customizable, from the voice prompts used when interacting with customers to the settings controlling when and how callbacks are offered. Callbacks can be offered to customers during busy periods only or when hunt group queue lengths reach a pre-specified level, making it easy to handle unusual or seasonal inbound call traffic.

Any callbacks can be queued with the same priority as live calls or can be given a lower priority to be handled later in the day when there are fewer live calls.

Reports & Dashboards

Q-Minder has a range of reports to provide details of all queuing and completed callbacks. This allows supervisiors to stay on top of service levels and ensure that all callbacks are being handled correctly.

If used in conjunction with the MiVoice Office Real-Time Wallboard or Dashboard, Q-Minder data can be added to existing tiles, allowing all telephony information to be viewed from a single location.

Control Callbacks Offering

The offer of a callback can be limited to certain time of day, when queues reach a predetermined length or can be enabled/disabled manually.

Customize Prompts

Q-Minder comes with all the voice prompts necessary to get up and running fast. If required, prompts can be re-recorded to match existing telephone system prompts and preserve a standardized corporate voice.

Enforce Callbacks

If queues get too long, Q-Minder can be configure to force customers to be called back. This can be useful when call traffic is highly abnormal and there is no possiblity of meeting service level targets.

Position in Queue

During normal queuing messages, Q-Minder can play callers their position in queue and expected time to answer based on the live calls that are in the hunt group.

Prioritize Live Calls

Callbacks are queued at a separate hunt group to live calls. This allows different priorities to be given to Q-Minder callbacks and allows customers who are actively queuing to be prioritized if necessary.

Monitor Active Callbacks

A range of reports are provided to track active and completed callbacks. If using the MiVoice Office Real-Time Wallboard/Dashboard, Q-Minder statistics can be added to existing tiles/views to allow all telephony service levels to be tracked using a single interface.