Call Reporting & Analytics

Call reporting provides access to all call and user status information that has been logged from the phone system. Pre-configured reports get users up and running quickly and provide any information required, including complete calls, individual call segments and summarized data about call volumes and service levels.

Analyze User Performance

Monitor the performance of staff over time by getting a complete breakdown of the calls they make and receive, the time spent handling them and the time spent in unavailable states (including individual states such as ‘On Lunch’ or ‘On a Break’). Quickly compare users’ productivity to identify your star performers and those members of staff that require additional training/monitoring. Conversion or sale rates can also be tracked by using account codes to categorize calls, making it easy to see who the star performers are and who needs additional mentoring or training.

Return Lost Calls

Any lost call means lost revenue or an unhappy customer. The dedicated ‘Unreturned Lost Call’ report can be used to highlight all callers who have yet to speak to anyone in the company, allowing them to be called back. This improves customer satisfaction levels, helps to maximize sales opportunities and can help to keep staff busy during quiet periods.

Track Service Level Targets

Monitor customer experience by tracking how long callers must wait for their call to be answered and whether they must call back more than once to have their requests handled. The pre-configured performance reports allow service levels to be tracked over time so that patterns can be identified, allowing resources to be adjusted to meet target levels.


Automatic Report Scheduling

Customize and filter reports, then schedule them to be delivered on a regular basis via email or save them to a network share

ACD & Availability Statistics

Every agent status and availability change is logged so that a complete status breakdown is available for each user. This includes logging time against individual availability states such as ‘On Lunch’ or ‘On Break’.

Advanced Filtering

All call information recorded can be used to filter reports so that only relevant data is displayed. This includes; account codes, hunt groups, DIDs, users, extensions and more.

Line Usage

Line usage reports help to track call volumes and identify trends, allowing you to ensure there is enough capacity.

In Depth Call Segmentation

Each call is segmented as it passes through announcements/queues to be offered to users so that no information is lost, giving a complete breakdown of customer experience.

Summary Reports with Extensive Statistics

Analyze call traffic by number, DID, trunk, hunt group and extension, with any of hundreds of summarized statistics to get the information required.

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Associated Applications

Real-Time Wallboard

Updated in real-time, wallboards show information about live calls to allow service affecting changes to made

Supervisor Dashboard

Real-time visibility and control over your contact center with fully filtered, customizable views

Call Recording

Easy access to all your conversations along with all key information and integration with analytics & UC call history