Xarios Support

Please select the product for which you required support (sales or technical) and follow the links provided to the dedicated product support pages. If you have a general enquiry or do not know which product you have. Please contact us for assistance

Which platform are you looking for support on?

Dimensions Cloud

Follow the link below for support on our Dimensions Call Analytics platform for Kazoo & Broadsoft.

On Premise Solutions

Follow the link below for support on our on-premise solutions including; MiVoice Office Application Suite (including Phone Manager, EMIS Integration etc.), Xarios Call Recorder, Xarios IVR & CRM Communicator.

Remote Support

This section is for maintenance customers or resellers who have already logged a support ticket with the Xarios help desk. If you have not already logged a support ticket, please contact the help desk on 0161 786 4350 (UK) (+1) 888 927 4671 (US) or [email protected].

If you are already in contact with our support team and have been request to initiate a remote control session, please press the button below. Clicking the button will begin installation of a TeamViewer applet and will connect you to the Xarios support queue. Ensure you follow the prompts correctly and allow any components to install.