Unified Communication

Increase productivity and simplify communications with our range of unified communication solutions. Our range of products and features provide the tools for call centre agents, supervisors and office workers to communicate easily with customers and colleagues.

Desktop UC

Phone Manager gives users the tools to communicate quickly and easily, allowing them to be more productive. Phone Manager has a range of features to suite different environments; from contact views, directories and chat to aid communication with co-workers to agent control and tool-bars for making contact centre workers more productive.

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Mobile UC

Stay connected with colleagues and clients when out and about or just away from your desk. Phone Manager Mobile allows users to stay in contact wherever they are, ensuring important calls are not missed. Presence profiles not only let users communicate what they are doing but also allow them to control how they can be contacted, routing calls to mobiles/softphones or placing them in do-not-disturb if with clients.

Outbound Dialling

Whether chasing payments, calling potential customers or reminding clients of appointments, our outbound calling solution simplifies the process. By centralising data management, managing call-backs and eliminating mis-dials, productivity can be increase while reducing the staff workload and maintaining customer experience levels.

CRM Integration

Our CRM Integrations and APIs are a great way to speed up common everyday tasks, allowing the users to maximise the time they have to spend talking to clients. We support many commonly used CRMs and provide professional services to integrate with customers’ own in-house systems for screen-popping, dialling, recording playback and more.