US Call Recorder

MiVoice Office Application Suite v5.1


The Xarios Call Recorder fully integrates with the Phone Manager Application Suite and offers an exceptional depth of integration for users of Mitel MiVoice Office platforms.

The Xarios Technologies call recorder platform is highly scalable from a handful of extensions, up to a multi-site multi-trunk environment – with the capability to connect to extensions, ISDN or Sip trunks – the Xarios platform can be configured to cost effectively meet your exact needs.

Recording phone calls is not difficult. Retrieving, searching for and listening to those calls is the clever bit! The Xarios browser interface enables calls to be quickly located using search criteria based on CLI (calling line identity), DDI, extension number or Agent number with additional filters of hunt group and department to further narrow the search – the multi-level security features on the interface ensures only permitted users can listen to calls .

The recording set up is comprehensive and simple: The set can include or exclude extensions, DDIs or incoming calls from certain numbers. The recording platform will identify the call path through the business so that as the call in transferred each segment can be played back. The Xarios Call Recorder enables a PCI compliant environment with automated or manual suppression of credit card details.

Increasingly organizations are using call recording to mentor and train their staff and here the Xarios platform leads the way with workforce management and call scoring options designed to manage and organize staff monitoring programs.

The Xarios recordings can be integrated into a customer’s CRM system so that individual call records can be stored in a customer's record.

The flexible nature of the Xarios platform means that today’s basic requirement can evolve into a sophisticated evaluation and compliant environment at a time and pace to suit the business needs.

Core Features of Xarios Call Recording


All calls that go through your telephone system, outbound and inbound, can be recorded and stored. Depending on how your telephone system is configured, this can include other offices, remote workers and home workers.


Often calls are routed around an organization transferred to people and departments. Xarios Call Recorder identifies each part of the call as a segment. Segments can be quickly found and replayed. Once identified, individual segments can be stored separately or discarded.


All recordings are made using the AES-256 encryption standard and contain an antitamper digital signature meaning that all Xarios recorded calls are admissible in court if needed.


Organizations may use account or reason codes during the customer interaction process. Xarios Call Recorder can identify the use of these codes in the conversation, allowing the user to quickly identify the relevant part of the call and replay it instantly.


Xarios Call Recorder is network based and is infinitely scalable allowing you to add more users at a single site, add other sites and incorporate remote and home workers. This gives a single call recording solution across your entire estate.


Access to recorded calls is via a standard browser, no special software is needed. Authorized users can access the recorded calls from anywhere that they can establish a connection to your network. The recorded calls that a user can view are determined by the individual permissions assigned to each user.


The secure recorded voice files can be stored off-site or in a secure hosted environment as part of your normal business continuity regime or treated separately.

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PCI Compliance

Xarios Technologies can offer your business a call recording solution that satisfies all criteria outlined in the PCI DSS code as well as regulations from the Financial Services authority. PCI compliance is mandatory for any business taking credit card payments over the internet or on the phone. Xarios Technologies call recording solutions deliver an advanced and easy-to-use recording solution that has been designed to help organizations in financial sectors comply with regulations.