Real-Time Wallboard for Amazon FireTV

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MiVoice Office Application Suite v5.1

MiVoice Office Call Reporter Real-Time

Real-Time Wallboard

Real-Time phone system stats displayed beautifully

This application works alongside and requires the provision of the MiVoice Office Call Reporter licence. It is extremely flexible. Configure you're Wallboard however you like, the display configurations are virtually limitless. If you can imagine it the Wallboard let's you create it!

Configure your Wallboard with any combination of these 'tiles'

Single-Stat/Cycling Tiles

Add one of hundreds of available statistics to a tile that is updated in real-time. Multiple tiles can be added to a wallboard view to display system-wide stats or stats filtered for specific devices. Optionally, two statistics can be cycled through to maximize real-estate.

Media Tiles

Media tiles can be used to display promotional or corporate videos or images. Videos and images can be uploaded and then displayed one or more wallboards.

Ticker Tape

A ticker allows up to 20 statistics to be continuously looped. In addition to the available statistics, manually configured messages can be added to the ticker.


All statistic based tiles have configurable alarms where thresholds can be configured to flash tiles, change color, play a sound or make a tile full screen. By using multiple alarms on a single tile, a traffic light based system can be configured where the color of the tile changes as the statistic goes through multiple thresholds.

External Data Sources

You arn't restricted to just the stats on your phone system. External Data Sources allows you to import live data from a wide variety of external sources such as CRM databases or your IVR.

A system-wide license that provides access to pull statistics from a ODBC or OLE DB compliant database. Using an external data sources, other key performance indicators can be added to the Wallboard/Dashboard and displayed alongside call and status statistics.