Xarios Call Recorder

Xarios Call Recorder

Powerful, effective, reliable call recording

Xarios Call Recording for the MiVoice Office 250 is an advanced call monitoring solution with easy to use search and playback features and advanced agent scoring and workflow features to help manage and train contact centre staff.

Recording implementations on the MiVoice Office 250 can be line/trunk side or extension side for both digital and IP based extensions.


Real-Time CTI links to the phone system

We use a real-time OAI link to the telephone system to make sure we track and record all possible details about the telephone calls we record, including any transfers around the system. (E.g. Caller ID, DDI, Hunt Group, Extension, Agent Id, Account Codes).

Easy to use web-based interface

Our call recording solutions employ an intuitive web-based interface (no client-side install required) for the searching and playback of recordings. Coupled with all the call information from our real-time link, calls are quick and easy to find.

Call Segmentation

Each time a call on the system is answered by a new device we create a separate recording. Each of these segments is then linked together to provide the user with a complete breakdown of every transfer a call has been through.

Secure user access & Encryption

Each recording solution employs an advanced set of security profiles and policies that can easily be used to manage and maintain access levels for each user of the system. In addition, all calls are encrypted with AES 256 encryption so that they are tamper proof and can be used as legal evidence.

User scoring & workflow features

Score sheets can be used to track and monitor each user’s progress over time, ensuring the best possible service is being provided to clients. Scoring can be used in conjunction with workflow to randomly select calls to score and assign them to supervisor’s task list.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Where credit card details are being taken over the phone we have automatic processes that can be used to pause and resume calls so that sensitive information is not stored by the call recording solution.

CTI & web service interfaces

We can provide customers with the tools and help to integrate our call recording solution directly with existing in-house systems to provide features such as; tagging of customer specific details to a call search, playback of calls via a customer’s in-house CRM or pausing sensitive calls.

Minimal cost of ownership

We automatically monitor all device configuration changes on the MiVO 250 in real-time, so updates are automatically reflected on the call recorder. This translates to minimal administration of the system and a reduced cost of ownership.

Call Segmentation

The Xarios Call Recorder seperately records each segment of the call as it makes its way through your business as a lot of calls get passed through to several different people or departments.

Seperately or together, each segemnt of the call can be saved, exported and shared for efficient call ananlysis.

Trunk Side

Trunk or line side recording is available for the following line types:

E1/T1, BRI & Analogue recording are performed using passive tap recording equipment with built in high-impedance buffers. This minimises the chance of interference with the lines being tapped and ensures there is no loss of service on the lines if the call recorder is taken offline.

SIP recording is implemented using a mirrored network connection(s).

Trunk side solutions can record all calls in and out of a business including trunk to trunk calls.

Extension Side

Extension side recording can be implemented on SIP, IP and Digital extensions:

Digital recording is implemented using passive tap recording equipment. SIP/IP recording is implemented using a mirrored network connection(s).

Extension side solutions can record all calls made by extensions that have been tapped including internal calls and transfer announcements. Note, extension side recording will not record trunk to trunk calls.

GDPR Compliance

Xarios Call Recorder helps your company comply with the new Europian GDPR laws with the new Recording Deletion License.

Search & Filter

Xarios Call Recorder makes it so simple to find any call it has recorded. The in-depth search filter lets you filter calls by any of the following criteria: